Specialist teacher training course

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Specialist teacher training course in Chemnitz, Germany

June 19th to July 17th 2019


  • Egypt, Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kenia, Columbia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine


  • Layout and graphic programmes; Picture processing; Data preparation for output; PDF technology (creation of PDF, preflight-check, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-1); PDF workflow, PDF editing; Computer-to-plate technology, quality management; Printing inks; Densitometry, Colorimetry, Standardization, Colormanagement, Varnishing, calculation


  • Manufacturers of machines for printing and finishing; printing and bookbinding companies

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Specialist teacher training course

In addition to the training seminars abroad a 4-weeks specialist teacher course is carried out in Germany. Fifteen specialist teachers from training institutions in different countries are given lessons covering subjects relating to prepress, printing and post-print processes as well as cost accounting in the printing industry. Furthermore, the participants are given insights into specific production processes during numerous excursions to companies related to printing and mechanical engineering companies.